Update error - Version Information

I’m trying to update to 1.7.6, but I’m getting this error:

Sem informação da versão. Entre em contato com o suporte tecnico.
The translation would be: “No version information. Contact the technical support.” Or somethin like this.

It’s incredible how the updates never works on the first try for me. X_X

What have you done so far?

That message would imply that the upgraader cannot get to your DB or your version table in the DB is corrupted in some way

I did a DB backup via SSH

I moved the old instalation into a backup folder.

I Uploaded the new files and the settings.php file.

In the CMS it shows the screen to update, but when I check the checkbox e press next, it shows me this message.

Can you have a little look at the last few messages in the log table - it should have recorded the root cause in there

You’ll need to turn on debugging in the settings table - the audit setting’s value should be audit.

Strange… Maybe it was a server glitch. I uploaded for the 4th time the settings.php, and now the update worked.

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