Update 1.7.4 to 1.7.8

I would like to perform an update of xibo , but I have several questions.

First , is it possible to go from version 1.7.4 to 1.7.8 directly ?
Then I 'm on mac , installation was done on windows by IT .
The update being done by FTP access , or should he perform command line to perform the update?
Could you tell me if I miss something in the update process :

  1. Export the database directly from the interface xibo .
  2. Create a copy of the file xibo ( xibo2 ) containing config files , and create a new folder xibo .
  3. Insert the files of the new version in the xibo folder.
  4. Copy the settings file xibo2 folder and paste it into the new folder.
  5. Back on the line interface xibo , and perform the update procedure.
  6. Remove the upgrade file.

Thank you for your help.


Please have a look at upgrading steps here: