Updata Client Date Time via shell command

Is there a shell command that I could use to update the date time of Android?

Xibo for Android R56 supports doing that out of the box, but support isn’t there in the CMS yet.

You can patch your CMS with this patch:

Then there will be a new option in the display settings profile for Android devices to sync the time from the CMS.

Note however that if your Players connect to the CMS over HTTPS and the date on the device is significantly incorrect then the Player won’t be able to communicate with the CMS as the time must be correct for communications over HTTPS to work properly.

This is a hotfix for 1.7.5, and right now I’m using the 1.7.4. Is there any problem?

To apply it, I add this lines of code on my file, or I download the entire files and overwrite them?


Other thing I was thinking, is there a way to request a screenshot of a specific layout?

One of my big problems is to see if all the players are correctly updated, and the most visual feedback is see if my layouts that use ticker are correctly up to date. But keep requesting screenshots until I have luck to get the right screenshot is not practical…

I tried to apply the patch, but my CMS didn’t work correctly anymore. The “popup” window to edit the display didn’t show.

Could you give me mor details how can I apply the patch?

The patch will be included in 1.7.5 but it should apply to 1.7.4.

To apply it you can either manually make the changes shown, or use the patch utility to apply it automatically.

Once applied, ensure you clear your browser cache.

It’s very important that the changes are made exactly. They are case sensitive so use copy/paste if you aren’t going to use patch to apply them. The + at the beginning of the line signifies it’s an addition - so you shouldn’t include that. The additions to the file should look exactly as they do if you click “View” on each of the two files in the patch when you’re done.