Upcoming in v2 - Reusable Playlists

We're excited to bring you an early look at a new feature for v2 - reusable Playlists. This is an extension to the existing Xibo capability of adding Widgets in sequence to a Layout Region, allowing you to reuse these Playlists across multiple Layouts, administer them separately and combine them with other Playlists.

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When will v2 be ready for download ? Is there a time plan ?


And is there any feature like player group sync in V2 ?


It will depend on how development progresses. It’s too early for us to give release dates at this stage. These articles are designed to show you what’s happening now, so that you can gauge that progress is being made.

Frame sync of Player devices isn’t something that we have road-mapped for v2.


Another improvement may be the folder classification of the content library. That is to classify by folders of the contents, since how much a large volume of contents are managed becomes heavy.

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