Upcoming in v2 - Layout designer


I know this is really a delayed reply.
thinkjon. something we have started to use internally is utilizing API’s for updating media.
As a manufacturing company, we’re using Xibo internally for front desk lobby’s and employee break rooms.
one of my co-workers setup a basic node js website that allows a manager to browse his computer for a .PDF he wants to update in a break room and upload it. it doesn’t matter what his file is named, it will get replaced in that media layout and be updated for those screens.
I’m not really savvy with the details, but we plan to expand this for various layouts that we’ll have already setup - then HR or managers can update with the files they want pretty easily.

it sounds like your company is pretty web savvy, and if you are running Xibo in docker, then you could also run a separate web server on the same system for that company to use to update certain media.


Hi guys,
i hope we are going to have media item transitions in this one which works on pc?
we currently have transitions for Android player only.