Unsupported Video on Android

I get a new Android device MBOX106GS (Android version 4.2.2)
I found error
[952.mp4] Unsupported Video. Wat=1. Extra=1.

So, this Layout and Media can run on Minix X7

I must install some “MP4 Player” on it?

Usually unsupported video errors on Android are because you haven’t selected the Use Public Storage in the client options.

Some devices can’t play videos from the protected internal storage correctly. Please tick Use Public Storage and then select the first option from the list of public storage locations.


I do with your suggestion.
I still problem. Until I restart it.

Thank you.

So after a restart it works?

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Hi Alex,
I faced the same issue and things worked after I stop the Xibo application within the Android Apps Manager


Yes, the app must be restarted for the change to take effect I think.