Unraid docker slowing down router

I installed the xibo docker in unraid (xibo-cms) through Community Applications, but after a few hours of running, my router gets really slow, and my internet speed falls down to 100/100 megabit.

Stopping the docker makes my router instantly return to normal, and my internet speed is back to the 500/500 megabit it should be.

What can it be doing, which could cause this?

This is still a problem, and I can consistently make it happen.

All I have to do, is to turn the docker on, wait 2-10 hours, then my router is extremely slow, and bandwidth is down to 100/100 megabit. Stopping the docker makes it go straight back up to 500/500 within minutes.

I guess the solution is to just not use it.

Hello Mikey.

Forgive for not answering your question (although I might be able to if you could help me out.

How did you manage to install xibo on Unraid’s docker environemment. I’ve been looking into it for days and I can’t seem to be able to do it.

Would you mind sharing your template?

If so I’ll see if I can reproduce your “router overload” and see if i can find something out.


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