Unexpected Error

I just wanted to add a new layout but I keep getting these messages:
“[Unexpected Error, please contact support.]”.
I’m very new to Xibo so I would like basic troubleshooting. Thx :smiley:

Can you confirm what version of CMS you are running and whether it is a custom or Docker setup?

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply,
Xibo is running at Version 1.8.2 and I installed it custom.

I would first recommend upgrading your CMS to the latest version, which is currently 1.8.11, as many bug fixes have been applied since the version you are using.

If the issue persists after the upgrade, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

I upgraded to 1.8.11 but I still get this error. I can’t e.g. add layouts or do other stuff
I would appreciate your help. Thanks

What is your custom install running on? Have you been able to add Layouts previously but now it is not working?

I would recommend checking your installation again, as this issue is likely due to a configuration error.

If you are able to access and use the Report Fault option in your CMS, I would recommend following the steps, Turn on Debugging when prompted, select the Open a new Window option and then attempt to add a new Layout as you did before. Once you have tried this and received the error, return to the original tab and continue to follow the remaining steps. When you are asked to Collect and save, please do so. Do not forget to Turn off Debugging on the last step.

The above instructions will create a Troubleshooting log, which will help you to understand what is happening when you attempt to Add a Layout. You are welcome to share your troubleshoot log with me.

If you are new to Xibo, I would recommend setting up your CMS using Docker, as the environment is much easier to configure and maintain.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your helpful response.
But I’m afraid I can’t add Layouts even within Debugging Mode enabled.
I was able to add Layouts in 2017 for some reason.

My Log is an Excel Table with this content:


Should I setup using Docker? I hope it’s no problem to then inport layouts that I’ve created.

Thanks in Advance.