Unexpected Error, please contact support (Display Group)

Hello Xibo Team,

when I try to make one display a member of a certain group it says
Unexpected Error, please contact support.

The reason is I want to create an account for a customer without them seeing all the other displays we handle.

Please help :slight_smile:
Greetings from Germany

Sorry you are receiving this error. The first step is to locate the issue. The best way to do this is to select the Report Fault option in your CMS.

  • First click next until you see the option to Turn on Debugging.
  • Switch this on and click next.
  • Then click the Open a new window button and in this new window, try to add the Display to the Group so that the error is generated.
  • Close the window and return to the original window.
  • Continue to follow the steps until you reach the Collect and Save button. click it to download the Logs.
  • Click next and Turn off Debugging

Once you have those Logs Zip file, extract the contents and open the Logs.csv file. If you find any errors, please pass them on.

Many Thanks.

Hi guys!
is this issue solved?
I have CMS 1.8.11 where i cannot delete a display group which gives the same error: “Unexpected Error, please contact support”

Any ideas how could i delete this display group?

I did not receive a report from the User that first created the post so it may be that the issue has been resolved in a later version of CMS 1.8.

I remember there was a bug with an older version of 1.8 where display entries that had tags set could not be deleted, do you have any tags set for that Display Group? If so, can you remove them and then try to delete it again?

If this does not resolve the issue, I would recommend upgrading to 1.8.13 CMS to see if the issue is resolved. If you still cannot delete the Display Group, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

Hello guys,

sorry for my late answer.

My log.csv has 228 lines so I’ll have to search for something explicit. Or should I just post all of the code here?

I tried deleting the tags for the display I want to delete (when the unexpected error opens up) but trying to save after deleting the tags also gives me an unexpected error.

Where can I upgrade the CMS to a newer version?

Same here as the MelanieFlamm.

To DanBW,
Upgrading should not be an option IMAO. We simply cannot upgrade the system each time we have an error, errors needs to be solved without upgrading the system.
First of all,
do we have any information of why we cannot delete the display group nor remove the tag?


Hi Bluebell,

I have been digging through some of the closed bug reports and found this report I wrote on a bug with 1.8.11:

This is the bug I was referring to in my reply to you earlier, it was a while ago but I was sure I remembered an issue relating to tags applied to Displays and the inability to delete Display Groups. This issue was a bug with Xibo which was fixed for the 1.8.12 release of CMS.

This is why I have asked you to upgrade your CMS, because issues that have been discovered are resolved in future revisions. This issue sounds a lot like what you are describing and you are using the same version as this bug was discovered on.

Regarding resolving issues without upgrading your CMS, this is not always possible, as some issues require a fix which can only be applied to a future release of Xibo. If you find that after you have upgraded your CMS you are still unable to delete the Display Groups, you will need to use the Report Fault option in your CMS as I suggested, so we can find out what is causing the issue. Without Logs, I do not have any information about the error.

Many Thanks.

It is a reported bug, its fixed in 1.8.13

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