Unexpected Error Contact support

Good morning
when I try to log in to Xibo I get this error:
Unexpected error Contact support.

You can kindly clarify or explain to me where to look to resolve the problem
Thanks in advance and best regards.

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm:

  • What version of CMS you are using?
  • Is it a Docker or Custom install?
  • Have you made any changes prior to this issue occurring?
  • Can you also confirm if you were able to log in before this issue or if you have never been able to?
  • Do you have other user accounts you can successfully log in with?

Many Thanks.

hi and thanks for the quick reply.
I’m using Xibo 2.0.1
It’s a Custom installation on Windows 7 and Xampp
I modified the configuration by making various adjustments
(I’m sincere … I don’t remember them all).
Before the configuration change, everything worked well, I used it for about a week, the only thing that didn’t read the weather forecast, then I relaunched the application after the change and the Dashboard screen appears with the only writing " Unexpected error: contact support "

In practice access is not allowed, because the login screen does not appear but the program goes directly to the dashboard screen

Thank you for the further information. If the CMS was working before you made the adjustments to your configuration, then the solution to your issue will be to discover which adjustments you made so you can correct them again.

Did you make a copy of the original configuration you had? If so, you could use that as a reference so you can find the adjustments you made.

Many Thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup copy. Is it possible to re-install keeping the layouts already designed?
Or delete the configuration file in order to reconstruct it?