Understanding of the ticker module (items per page / single mode)


I’m trying to understand how the ticker module works with rss, with xibo 1.7.7 and android R60.

My current test consists of showing about titles+description on a big region (almost all the screen). I can get it to work, but only for a fixed number of items (by setting “Number of Items” = 4)

My example feed has more than 10 items, so I’d like to show the following titles, after having shown the first ones. I’ve tried to set “Number of Items” = 8 and “Items per page” = 4, but all items show up on the screen.

Is there something I have misunderstood, or is it just not planned to work that way ?



So by default (ie without any changes) it will show every item in the feed.

Number of Items - you can limit number of items from the feed.
Single mode - basically when you enable any effect, then it will be in single mode.
Items per page (in single mode) - by default 1, you can increase it show more items per page (ie per transition*)

    • Marquee effect is a bit different, but it will work as expected with other effects.

Other than that, duration, by default you set it for whole ticker so if your feed has 10 items and you set the ticker to 100s duration, each item will be visible for 10s (assuming single mode and 1 item per page).

You can also tick the ‘duration per item’ in this case you will want to lower the duration, because with it enabled and duration set to 100s, it will display each item from the feed for 100s.

So in your example, you will want to pick any effect** and then set the number of items(8) and items per page(4).

As for duration in this case you will have two pages each with 4 items, so you can adjust duration so it’s easy to read them.
Speed - again you might need to try different settings with different effects and decide what works best for you.

**Perhaps not marquee, it seems to be not what you want

Hope that helps.

Thanks Peter, it works much better now !