Understanding of Store HTML resources on the Internal Storage?


I wanted to know the feature option of “Store HTML resources on the Internal Storage?”

This option is available in display setting->edit option of profile->troubleshooting.

Sharing the Jpeg of it for reference.

Just need a through knowledge of what this setting exactly means and how it will work.

My basis requirement is that of running a HTML links on cache basis.

I have already kept the option Enable caching of Web Resources? on.

Right now i have faced a problem where few of the HTML links are running perfectly fine in offline mode without internet once the layout is saved in cache. But in few of the link even the layout being saved in cache mode then also few or all element of the HTML link is being not displayed in the given link of scheduled layout if the devices don’t have internet connection.

Will this feature will help us to save the HTML in internal storage and help us to run all type of HTML links even without internet connection in cache mode once saved.

I don’t think that option would change anything, if you’re displaying webpages/embedded then ‘Enable caching of Web Resources’ is the option that will affect them.

Regarding ‘Enable caching of Web Resources’ it will use standard browser cache