Understanding event repeats

working on german Translation, therefore it is important to understand some funktions…

Scheduler - add Event - repeat section

“How often does this event repeat?” I have entered begin and ending and a repeat 1 hour. Why sould I determine, how often the Event repeats? and additional repeat till date / time ??

btw: Help does not help, I consider once more that such additional functions cannot be found within the help-files. In help you can find some description of the Schedule Event - General section, but not one for the repeats section

I guess it might be tricky to translate it, I’ll try to add some explanations here.

Repeats tab,

first field we specify if the event should be repeated and if so, in what type ie

Let’s say we selected daily, ie we want this event scheduled from x to y (on General tab) to be repeated daily.
The Repeat every field, dictate how often is should the event be repeated.

For example, if we want to repeat it every day, then we can put
Repeat every 1

Which will mean the event will be repeated each day

Until field - can be left empty, in which case the event will be repeated in the specified type ‘forever’
you can also specify the date on which it should stop

Example use case, you created an event that needs to run from 10am to 5pm each day
In general tab,
the start would be today 10am
the end would be today 5pm

then you want this event to run everyday in this specified timeframe, so you go to repeats tab, set the repeat type to daily and repeats every to 1

I guess it might be tricky to understand… I read it a hundred times and do not imagine what this function is good for.

Well as the name suggest, it’s good for creating repeating events, like the example I gave you in my previous message to show certain event in specified timeframe every day.

another example:

I want to Display my supertrooper HappyHour SummerSplash layout from may to Oktober on each 1. and 3. saturday from 18:00 to 23:00
how to? I dont think that it is possible with the given funktions, but give me the kick …

Goes only monthly if I think correctly

Example May 2018

Then for the next month …