Unassign and retire media from library

I am using Xibo 1.7.3. I am having trouble with “delete” options in media page. I found some old topics related to this and it says if i select “Unassing from this region and retire” option, that media cannot be assign but i can. Is this a known bug?
What do these options mean correctly?

-Delete thish media
-Unassing from this region and retire
-Unassing from this region only.

Thank you.


delete this media - the media is gone forever and is deleted from the server.

If you retire media, then the media remains on the server (and in use on other layouts) but isn’t shown in the default view of the library.
You can show retired media in the library using the filter.

Unassign - will just well unassign media from current region / or all layouts depending on which option you’d choose.

What does “this region” mean? I am looking at a media on media page. There can be lots of regions. How can i know which region?

Well, you are right it is confusing because this option shouldn’t be there.
It should be accessible only from direct editing region in a specific layout, in which case this option is self explanatory.
We did log it as a bug, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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