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Hello, I am unable to view all of the media items I have uploaded to the media library. As you will see in the screenshot, I have the dropdown set to show 50 items but only the first 10 appear. I am also unable to use any of the filter boxes, or the navigation arrows. The new folder structure navigation on the left hand side is also not working. I was encountering this in an earlier CMS version 2.3.7 and thought the upgrade to 3.0.3 would resolve but it has not. The library was working as expected in August (that was the last time I uploaded a bunch of content and created various layouts etc). Any advice is much appreciated


I also am experiencing the same issue, also looking for any advice to correct. Search, previous, next, page numbers to not advance the display pane.

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Please do send me credentials in a direct message so that we can take a closer look at this.

Thank you

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