Unable to set up "Ticker" with costomized Color and font size (Xibo 1.7.9)


I would like to set up a “Ticker” with RSS - Feed. Yes, it works - but i can not create my own color and size for the ticker.
if i override the settings and set the [Content] tag bold or other font size in the Editor - nothing is happened in the region - the font have only black color…

any idea how to set up the size & color - i think in v 1.7.6 it was not a problem…

thank you

It should work, ticker is using the text editor, alternatively you can add your own css.

At a guess, [content] has some <p> or <div> that affect the way it’s displayed in Xibo and also make the changes you make in editor to not have any effect on the returned text.

If that’s the case, you can edit your ticker item, go to advanced tab-> Strip tags
add p or div there, depending on your feed, then content should be affected by the changes you make in text editor.

Hi Peter!

Great!! Thank you! - Now it works!!!