Unable to save Display Profile Settings after Database recovery


We are running a manual installation of Xibo Ver 1.8.13.

A couple of months ago we had accidentally deleted our database information, and then recovered the same. Since this recovery we have not been able to make changes to our display profile settings; issues below :

  1. Unable to edit existing display profiles : Error: “Unexpected Error, please contact support”
  2. We get the error when we try to copy an existing display profile “Unexpected Error, please contact support”
  3. When trying to create a new profile, we are only able to name it - however, when we click on save’ the same error is displayed.

Help would be much appreciated.



It sounds like your database might be corrupt.
Have you tried repair displayprofile table in MYSQL?

You can restore table (displayprofile) structure

  1. Install the same Xibo version (use another directory and another DB.
  2. In your new DB, Export table ‘displayprofile’.
  3. In your old installation backup, replace corrupted table and paste new table ‘displayprofile’. I recommend a text editor like notepad++.
  4. Drop your corrupted DB and import the database you edited.

I recommend keeping at least the most recent 2 backups, in case the most recent one doesn’t restore properly, you can try the previous backup.

Thanks for the help. Will try it out and report back.

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