Unable to run image processing

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I have an error when running the image processing task that i am not able to solve.

The error says the file does not exist or is not accessible. So i went through the media table in database, checked the storedAs field, then checked the storage folder in default conf, then checked that the file existed on the file system. It does.

And the permissions doesn’t seem to be any different from the other images.

To run the script, i tried running it from the web https://affichage2.boostconseil.fr/www/bin/xtr.php and running it through cron. Unfortunately, i’m not 100% if i’m running the cron with the right webserver user, since i’m using OVH’s web ui to manage cron (i have no choice, the cron command is not available in ssh)

Do you have any way to help me, or any advice to solve it ?

Thanks in advance

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