Unable to Register due to Error: (Xibo Android v1.7 R61)


Our Xibo Android Client won’t connect to the CMS.
Error is shown as a pop-up near the CMS address line:

“Unable to Register due to Error: Expected a quoted string(position:DOCDECL @1.63 in java.io.InputStreamReader@42fb5180)”

Client had been playing normal until the 9th of December, 2017.
After this error, we never managed to connect to the CMS and play anything.

Could you please help us with this issue?


Can you navigate to the CMS address in the android browser on the device and confirm that it can reach it?

What CMS version and exact Xibo for Android version are you using please?

Thank you for your response Peter.

Yeap, Android Browser does reach the CMS address.

CMS version: 1.76
Xibo Android version: v1.7 R61

It could be good to use 1.7.9 CMS and 1.7R64 Xibo for Android, but if the device can reach it, then I’d expect that if you enter the CMS address in the player then it should be able to reach it as well.

Could you perhaps see a screenshot of the status window on this device please?
Open Xibo for Android -> From the top action bar click on the ‘Status’ button.

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Thank you Peter.

Right now, I am not able to send the screenshot of the status window.
I will send it to you as soon as I am able to get it.

However, there is one more thing that might be helpful with the issue, maybe that I should have mentioned earlier:
The device was connected to an Ethernet cable internet, when the problem arised.
When I connected the device to a wi-fi internet which I shared through my phone’s 4G internet’s hotspot, Xibo was able to connect to the CMS successfully and download the layouts.

By the way, I tried to connect to the CMS address on Android Browser with the “problematic” ethernet cable connection, and managed to connect, as I mentioned in my previous message.

So situation is:
With ethernet cable: Xibo not connecting to the CMS. Browser connecting.
Through phone’s hotspot wifi: Xibo connecting to the CMS. Browser also connecting.

Do you have any thoughts with the help of this information?

Thanks again,

When connected via a cable, does the connection pass through any kind of proxy server or filter? I’m wondering if perhaps your requests are being blocked there.

If it’s functioning via another means, then it’s likely to be an issue on that network rather than with Xibo itself.

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Hello Alex, thanks a lot for your reply.

First of all, I am sorry to inform you that I was mistaken about the Xibo Android client version.
It is v1.7 R54. Not v1.7 R61.

I believe we are passing through a kind of filter. I will let you know once I get response from the IT guys.

Since I am not the most knowledgable person about networks, I gotta ask though:
If there is a proxy or a filter, it is possible that Android Browser can reach the CMS, while Xibo Android client can not reach the very same CMS. Is that right?

Kind regards,

Yes it’s possible since they’d be making requests to different parts of the system.

The Player accesses a service called XMDS, which is a SOAP web service, and that isn’t typically accessed when you browse with the web browser.