Unable to register Android device to CMS

I have an Android device which is licensed. Am trying to register it to CMS and am getting "Unable to Register due to Error:expected:START_TAG{http://schema.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/} Envelope (position:START_TAG(empty)
@ 1:7 in java.io InputStreamReader@ 41cdb630).

I have gone through the topics for relevant information and it seems this error is common but different methods of solving it.

Any help will be appreciated.


What CMS and Xibo for Android versions are you using?

In your CMS on report fault page, you can enable debugging then try to register your android device again and see what’s on the ‘Logs’ page.
You can also make sure that there is no [X] on that page.

This error basically means that your CMS is outputting a non-XML response.

Hi Peter,

I am running CMS v1.7.7 with Android v1.7

Under logs am getting the following error messages

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent





mmm can you perhaps open php.ini and change always_populate_raw_post_data’ to '-1 ?
Please restart your web server after you make this change.

I’m not sure if that’s the problem here, but we did have similar cases fixed by this line.

Other than that please make sure you have fully qualified path to the CMS library in CMS settings.
Perhaps keep the debugging on for now and see if there will any other errors there.


Will try that and revert.


Hi Pete,

Made the changes and it worked.


Great, I’m glad it worked for you.