Unable to open xibo client

Xibo player watchdog say
"System.Exception: Unable to find status file in
at XiboClientWatchdog.Watcher.Run()"

I assume it’s 1.7.8?
Do you have any previous Xibo clients installed?
What OS is this? Did you try to run it as a administrator? (assuming you’ve administrator privileges on that PC)

yes it’s 1.7.8 version.
i don’t have any xibo client before.
i’m try to running in windows 8.1 , windows 10 and windows 7 but some PC unable to open xibo player.
i have try to run as administrator, but still unable to open it.
what must i do?

hm interesting I don’t think we encountered this problem before.

So it did install just fine, but when you try to open options to connect it to your CMS you see this error?

I wonder why it has issues with watchdog, could please have a look here The Windows Player automatically restarts itself / Windows Player Watchdog

The second part, please try to do that (rename the exe for watchdog, so it doesn’t start with Xibo player)

I’m just starting to use Xibo and I’m seeing this on a couple of my Windows 10 machines. After install I did have to change the the XiboClientWatchdog.exe.config to list \Program Files\ instead of \Program Files (86)\

When the error pops up in opens up a new browser tab with what is on the player at that moment. Any ideas?

I got this figured out. One of the websites that was in the timeline was causing an error so I just pulled it out of the rotation.

Hi guys,
i am having this same problem :frowning:
“System.Exception: Unable to find status file in
at XiboClientWatchdog.Watcher.Run()”

Xibo player stops working by itself and watchdog isn’t running after that either.

Any ideas?