Unable to load schedule from disk: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Hi All,
i had perfect working xibo setup with server on linux 1.7.8 and clients running 1.7.8 on windows 8.1. Suddenly 12 panels are dead. This is message in the log

ScheduleManagerThread|15/11/2017 05:37:51 PM|Error|IsNewScheduleAvailable|Unable to load schedule from disk: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

i’ve checked the server vs client timezone and they both running ‘Auckland’.

I’ve tried messing with the download window on the client in the xibo-config.xml and also in the default diplay profile and tried a hack from this support forum to get it displaying right. even when it is within the window i still get that 'string not recognised as a date time thing going on. Anyone got any ideas? i’m all out of them… reaching for a fresh install, but its a mission… worked fine for 18 months… touched nothing, broken now.

I can see that on your screenshot, just after ‘Required Files Status’ that does not look correctly now does it?

I’d suggest to set start and end times for download window to the default 00:00 and 00:00 which means it is always open.

Once that’s fixed, restart the player, make sure that it does display the download window correctly and that it shows the list of downloaded files there.

You can also look for a file called schedule.xml (should be in player local library) and see what’s in it.

What do you currently have in the CMS Settings → Regional tab?
I’m especially interested in the date_format that you have there.

I now have this,

i dont understand why its sleeping if its inside the dowload window? I thought active would be inside the download window and sleeping would be outside. I still get the original error on all the clients. I extracted the 1.7.8 source files over my install folder and that didnt help. On the regional tab i have the default. Y-m-d H:i
the server is bluehost.
Timezone auckland.
I Did some research into the invalid layout issue… but i check my layout and it says "layout is ready to play"
Any help appreciated.

That is an odd error, could you see how schedule.xml file looks like please?