Unable to Install Xibo on Windows 2012 STD server 64bit

Hi Team,

I have tried to install XIBO Application on Windows 2012 STD server 64 bit [VM], but I am facing issue with it to up database server image on Docker toolbox which are preconfigured & provided by XIBO.

Moreover, I was getting an error as per below, when database was initializing in docker container. The error may be correlated with compatibility of Docker Images [provided by xibo] and base operating system.

For reference,


Please advise.

The error is telling you that the system cannot write to the hard drive.

Check the filesystem permissions on the shared directory carefully. The user you’re running Docker Toolbox as will need full control of it.

i am login with built-in administrator user and already given full access to share directory even login with administrator.

still i am facing same issue.

The error is very clear. I would down the containers, close the Docker quick-start window, delete the VirtualBox VM that Docker-Toolbox created, and then re-open the quick start window and bring the containers up again.


I have created fresh Virtual machine [2k12 64 bit] and install fresh copy of xibo images as well

follow steps as above listed, Still i am facing same issue.

please ignore above error and consider this one.

VirtualBox is unlikely to be running as the Administrators group. It’s very much more likely to be running as either the local system account, or as a user VirtualBox created as part of the installation.

Please check that the user VirtualBox is running as has access to write to the C:\Users\xibo folder, and all subfiles and folders.

i have only administrator as user in my VM.

“C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.exe” is executed Run as administrator. [Manually]
"C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\start.sh" is executed Run as administrator

Moreover, i can add a file and modified it in C:\Users\xibo\shared through “Docker Quickstart Terminal”

Still i am getting same error.

VirtualBox isn’t running as the user you’re logged in as. It runs as a system service.

Your test of adding a file through the quickstart console isn’t diagnostic. Quickstart console is running as you. The VirtualBox machine isn’t.

Please correct the filesystem permissions so that the VM can write to that location, and then your issue will be resolved.

Hello Alex,

Still we are facing the issue.

When we type docker ps -a we get the output as below.

Could you please help us with this.


It’s showing MySQL restarting over and over, as it can’t write to the disk.

You MUST resolve the filesystem permissions issue I’ve mentioned in every reply so far. Please please check the filesystem permissions.

Thanks for your reply.

All virtual box process are running with Administrator user.

We have single user in this system and that is Administrator.
Also, we have verified that Administrator and Everyone has full control on C:/User/xibo folder.


Please PM me TeamViewer 12 credentials and I will connect in and have a look for you.


I notice also you’re running Docker Toolbox inside a VMWare VM. That’s not a configuration we’d recommend as you’re double virtualizing. You’d be much better off running a Linux VM on VMWare and running Xibo in that, as it avoids the double virtualization.

Please don’t post your credentials publicly. Anyone can see and use them.

Please private message them to me.

Hopefully the file permissions are all that are stopping you, but when I tried running docker on a VM last April it simply didn’t work. Officially, the Docker devs did not support running Docker on a VM, since you’re basically running a VM inside of a VM. Two levels of virtualization was just to slow at the time, and the Docker instance would generally time out. Some people reported success by giving the host VM tons of ram and CPU resources, but I guess I never had enough to throw at it because that didn’t help me.

Does docker officially support running inside of a VM now?

[Edit]We ended running a manual Xibo install on a VM, since we don’t have any physical servers. It’s definitely more work to install and maintain, but it works. https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/manual_install.html