Unable to get the media resource

291392 2017-11-01 13:20:09 Client [FileAgent_resource_Id_9569] FileAgent - Run Exception in Run: Unable to get the media resource

above is an error I’m getting from the log for a screen that is showing the status as downloading with a cross, i can still schedule layouts and they play fine its just a bit distracting when looking through the xibo

You likely have a layout that has an RSS feed or dataset that has no items in it in the schedule.

no the RSS feed it working fine coming from the BBc and the dataset is set to show “No Events” when nothing is showing, could that be it, if so I’m not that concerned

The player will show a cached version of the RSS feed if it’s having trouble downloading it, so that the player is showing the feed does not necessarily indicate that there isn’t an issue there.

You should be able to go in to the Manage page and see which widget it is that isn’t being downloaded correctly.

thank you seems like the rss feed dropped so when I looked the feed was not updating like it should, thank you

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