Unable to find status

Hello everybody,

I’m a user of XIBO client since one year and it’s a very good solution.
I have update with the version of CMS 1.8.4 and the client version is 1.8.13.

Everything works good but i have an error message when the player is active, this message error is "System.Exception: Unable fo tind status file in
à XiboClientWatchDog.Watcher.Run().

Maybe is Nothing but if it’s possible to remove this warning.

Thanks in advance for your help



The Player creates a status file it its local library which contains various information relating to the Players internal state.

The watchdog uses this to work out if the Player is running well or not.

If the status file is not there (in the players local library) then that indicates a problem with the player or the installation and should be investigated.

Can you check to see whether this files is created or not? Perhaps the watchdog is looking in the wrong place for it - have you configured your watchdog manually or allowed the Player to auto start it?

I am having this same issues (among others). Where is this file supposed to be located, and what is it called?

I am also having this issue. The errors pile up and causes the host machine to lock up so it needs to be restarted every morning. I still can not find a solution.

This is quite an old topic and there have been multiple player releases since the OP - it would therefore we useful if you could detail the full case of your issue, what versions you’re running, what errors messages you get, what you’ve tried, etc.

Someone can then try to help

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