Unable to export certain layouts

Good day,

We’re experiencing an issue where certain layouts error out when trying to export whereas others have no issues. I’m assuming it has to do with the size of the file as I’m sure it’s over 1GB but should not be over 2GB. Not sure where I would go to increase this limit. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It’s likely due to the PHP maximum execution time, or running out of disk space. You could try increasing maximum execution time.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply. I increased the php max execution time but it still times out. There’s 35GB of free space on the server and the layout is at most 1GB. I’ve attached an image of the PHP runtime limits for your review.

The other thing I’m noticing is that when I request to export the larger sized layout(~1GB), I don’t see any additional network activity on the server but when I export the smaller sized layout(110MB zipped), I see network activity. Thanks.

I exported a layout at around 1.4GB here this week so I know there’s nothing that fundamentally prevents that.

I presume you’re running 1.8.11? If not, upgrading would be the first step.

After that, checking the configured PHP temporary directory, as well as the temp directory in the CMS library for permissions would be my next move.

I just upgraded to 1.8.11 from 1.8.7 but unfortunately it still won’t export. IUSR and IIS_USRS have read and write access to the CMS library\temp folder and the PHP temp dir (C:\Windows\Temp).

When I do an export of the larger layout, I can see the 744mb zip file in CMS library\temp folder created successfully but the website throws an error and I’m not prompted save the zip file. The 100MB file works fine. I also connected directly to the xibo server using https://localhost, tried exporting the layout but it still didn’t export.

I guess the issue might be with the download rather than with the creation then.

What do you have in the SENDFILE_MODE setting?

Under Settings → General, File download mode is set to Off.