Unable to edit scheduled events with non-administrator user?

Running docker installation of CMS v3.2.0, remote mysql. Running really well, except one thing:

I created a “Creator” user, who is part of the wider “Content Creators” group, who is able to create layouts, campaigns, manage media etc. They are able to create an event via the schedule by clicking the “Add Event” button, no problem. The event runs as scheduled.

BUT - after creating the event successfully, it appears as “View Only” with the little padlock icon on the scheduler.

I have tried giving this specific user ALL permissions - same as administrator permissions. Still the event is view only. They have a custom home folder - which I have tried setting to the root folder also for troubleshooting, no difference.

If I make them a member of the “Administrators” group, suddenly they can edit the events. Am I missing something for users to be able to edit events if they can create them?

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