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I have got a problem with the cache folder on the server. I have installed Xibo 3.0 and then updated it to the version 3.0.3. It was some weeks ago. Now I would like to use it, setup the devices, etc. but I cannot do it because I am getting error

Unable to create the cache directory (/var/www/cms/cache/6d).

would you please tell me what to do? What is interesting, I have got a folder on the server wwww not www. So the location is like:


I have uploaded a Tizen wget on the server successfully but I cannot edit it.

Would you please help me?

I tried to update it to the latest 3.0.6 release but I am getting error

ERROR: write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob066865246: no space left on device

looks like the /var/ is full but we didnt do anything. The Xibo server is just empty

You need more storage space, docker system prune -af might free up some space.


thank you for your reply. /var/ was out of space what is strange, but I fixed the problem moving the directory to other place and linked it so everything works fine. I also updated Xibo to 3.0.6 without any issues.


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