Unable to add an image in my layout

I am trying to add an image to my layout. Everything seems to be going well. But when I come back to the page where I see all of my layouts. My layout has an exclamation mark in the ‘Valid’ column. And when I pass the mouse over it I have the following message:
Some elements of this MEP are only visible on a display. Decafeines is pending conversion …

In the end on my screens I only have the XIBO message that appears.

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks in advance

So the exclamation mark in the Valid column is telling you that this particular layout has media that can only be assessed Player side, so has the Player got a reliable internet connection to display the content?

Further status and explanations can be found here: https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/layouts_designer.html


In the end it was the jpeg file which had too large a definition. I put it in 1920 * 1080 pixel and it’s ok.


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