Unable to access Library on template-based layout

Hey @dan,

There seems to be a bug in 1.8.0. I think I ran into it a long time ago, but forgot about it until now. It seems that any layout created from a template cannot access the Library to add media to the newly-created layout.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Clicking Library will display the media library picker.
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Clicking Library closes the region timeline modal and a 404 error in encountered in the inspector.


  1. Create a layout.
  2. Save as template.
  3. Create another layout, using our newly-created template.
  4. Edit the timeline for a region, click Library

Please let me know if you require additional documentation.

@Peter - can you try to recreate this please?

Problem I can confirm

Thanks - @Peter, no need to recreate

Same error here. Do you have a solution?

You can manually apply the patch in the above linked issue report - otherwise it will be released in 1.8.2