UHD solution brings problems to my weather layout


till yet I had screens with the maximum of full hd resolution. Now I’ve got one more with 4k UHD resoultion - in the display resolution settings that resolution is added: 15 4k UHD Landscape 3840 2160 and I also deleted any cached file but I can’t see two of my regions completly. I’ve checked it with viewing a preview of that layout by internet explorer and the same error occured with about that resolution. When I changed the window to a smaller screen the problem disappears.

I can’t change the resolution to a smaller one as that samsung tv does not support a zoom.

After that cloud there should be “überwiegend bewölkt”. also you can see the problem at the percentage arrow. But the clock looks fine.

What player is this? Xibo for Android?

If you open status window on it, what resolution does it show there?

Nah, normal windows player version 1.8.1

I opened the status window - Keyboard key “i” was it, right? But I don’t see any field with resolution there?

I don’t think Windows gives that back.

Although if it is running on Windows, especially if it’s Windows 10, then I would have 2 suggestions:

  1. Right-click on desktop -> Display settings, make sure that ‘Change the size of text, apps and other items’ is set to 100%

  2. Perhaps try to define player size in Display profile in Xibo to match your layout/screen resolution (Display settings -> Edit/add display profile -> Location tab)

It is a Windows 7 system.
The desktop text things are at 100%

I’ve added that new window seeting with 4k uhd name and added the specific solution, added that window profile to that specific display, deleted all local files and restarted the system but that failure still occur.