[Ubuntu] Raspberry PI install, not registering display

Greetings. We’re just testing the Xibo 1.6.3 image for from rpiserver.breggen.nl. The image boots beatifully but it won’t register as a display. I have verified CMS (v 1.7.4 btw running on Fedora 22) address, and I see traffic going from the player/Rbpi to the CMS server via tcpdump, and the apache log shows:

<display_ipaddress> - - [06/Jul/2015:14:15:17 -0500] "POST /xibo/xmds.php?v=3 HTTP/1.0" 500 295 "-" "SOAPpy 0.12.0 (pywebsvcs.sf.net)"

As you can see it generates a 500 (the dreaded Internal Server Error), but there’s nothing logging in my error_log so I can’t see the error apache is throwing. When testing a Windows client as the display - no problems at all.

Thanks in advance!

The old (now unsupported and undeveloped) Ubuntu client will not talk to a 1.7 series CMS. You would need to use 1.6 series.

Also note that the project doesn’t offer support for the RPi at all as we believe it to be unsuitable. There are other threads on this forum dealing with the RPi and our reasoning for that.

If this is a new installation of Xibo, I’d strongly urge you to install something which is supported and developed so you don’t end up hitting problems and having nowhere to go for a resolution in the future.

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Fair enough - I appreciate the response! Thank you.

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