Two monitors connected but display is only on one?

I have to tv’s connected to a mini pc, trying to make a video wall. I have the pc configured to use the two monitors as one screen, but when I open Xibo it only appears on one of the screens. How do I fix this so Xibo appears on both screen?

if you are using an hdmi splitter, there should not be an issue as this just output the same thing for both displays. What is showing on the second display? is it the regular windows desktop page or blank? are you trying to run two instances of xibo on the same windows box?

I’m not using an hdmi splitter, I have an hdmi cord on monitor and a video to hdmi on the other. The second monitor is a regular windows desktop page. I don’t think I’m trying to run two instances.

Wouldn’t an hdmi splitter show the same image on both screens? I want the image to span both screens, not be duplicated.

Nevermind, fixed the problem, had to make a custom profile, assign it to the display, and then restart the computer the client was on.

Well, I’m glad it is working for you know :slight_smile: