Two Displays - 1 not broadcasting


I’ve got two displays, both showing the default display.

DSB - Works
DSB1 - just shows the splash screen…

Any ideas why?


It would probably help to see status screen from your “DSB1” device.


You need to press i to bring up the status screen :slight_smile:

Running it ob Client PLayer 1.7.17

I don’t understand why they just stop working, when I’ve not done any updates to them. Just come in after the weekend and it’s not working.

Right at the top of the screen

“Bandwidth Limit exceeded”

That means that you’ve hit the transfer limit for your CMS. I believe you host with Spring Signage.

Please open a ticket with the service desk and we can get that rectified with you.

Thank you so much for your help, I have raised a ticket.