Two details in WebOS player

I have two minor details related with webos player:

  1. Ramdonly appears in screen the message: can not getelementsByTagname of null
  2. Without transitions there is a delay about 1 second with screen in black between elements of the playlist. The same playlist dont show this behaviour in android player

Can you confirm the following?

  • What version of Xibo for webOS you are running.
  • The model of the Display you are using.
  • The Firmware version on the Display.

Many Thanks.

This is a screenshot of the status of player

Thank you for providing the information I need. I can see that you are using Firmware Version 05.31.72. Below is a link to our webOS Firmware Matrix, which states that for the LG 55XF3E, version 05.32.70 is recommended.

I would recommend updating the Firmware for the Display to see if this resolves the issue. Some LG Displays can be updated through the Settings, often under the General Settings option. If this is not possible, you may need to contact LG.

If the issue persists after the Firmware update, please provide screenshots of the error and I will look further into the issue.

Many Thanks.

I updated the firmware to versión 05.32.70 and now the transition between elements in the playlist is more fast and the black screen is almost unnoticeable, only when the playlist has finished before to start the first element there is a black screen with a duration about 2 seconds (is this normal?)

Thank you for letting me know, I’m glad to hear the Firmware update has helped with the issue.

The period of black screen you are seeing before the Playlist reloads is due to the media items loading again before they are displayed. The period of time this black screen appears for will be affected by the media content it has to load.

Can you confirm what kinds of media items you have in the Layout that is scheduled to display?

Many Thanks.