Twitter module not showing all tweets 1.8.1/Docker

Hi all,

When I display tweets from a list, the twitter module within Xibo only shows some tweets. If I use the embed straight from Twitter, it displays all tweets. I have attached the pictures below for comparison.

Is there an option I have to check to allow all tweets?

Also, when I use the embedded twitter code , it doesn’t display on the player but does in the previews, any reason why?

That’s how Twitter API works, it searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days - API reference index | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

It should show similar results, but it may very well be different than the search on twitter webpage or embedding twitter widget (as that’s the same thing pretty much).

It should be displayed just fine, just to confirm I’ve run a quick test on both players, no problems there.

Are there any error on the status window?
Perhaps double check browser emulation settings (and that IE11 is installed).


Strange how the official widget displays all tweets but the API doesn’t?

Also still not sure why the twitter embed widget wont display on the player. This is what I get

Even if I log into the CMS on the machine that the player is on(ie11), the tweets display properly in Layout view and the Preview layout. Any reason why the player would be different?

If it works in IE11 then assuming that you have correct entries for browser emulation in the correct path for your machine, then I don’t see why wouldn’t it work on a player -especially since as I said I did run it earlier today.

I’m happy to try it with your code if you want, please send it to me via pm.