Twitter module doesn't shows old tweets

I have set the new Twitter module to show recent tweets with a certain hashtag # in them. But the module removes tweets from the view that are older then a couple of days. How to remove this setting?

Even when a tweet is a year old, it should be showed.

You’d have to look at Twitter’s search to see how to get it to include older tweets.

I’ve noticed the same thing. We are doing a search using From:User and on it brings up every tweet. Using the twitter module if there aren’t any tweets from that user for a week there is nothing displayed. It thankfully hasn’t been an issue often, as we only want the last few, recent tweets.

The full list of operators is here:

You might try something like

from:xibosignage since:2014-01-01

Note Twitter say that only tweets in the current index can ever be returned so older tweets might well no longer be indexed and hence not shown.