Twitter how to not to get retweets


Is there any way to not to get the retweets from one account?

Im currently getting one user tweets but i would like to not to show the retweets, I’m trying to figure how to do this with the search string and playing around with twitter advanced search, but i cant get a valid string…

Thanks in advance,
Rodrigo Caravaca.

If you use from:<accountName> ie for example from:xibosignage

that should return only tweets from this account without retweets, unless you specifically also add Include:retweets.

Thanks because taking your time with that. This is the exact way i have it, and i still get retweets. I Tried adding a forbidden word in the search -retweet from:accountname and some other variations (-RT, -rt, RETWEET, etc) and either i get nothing or get retweets.

Right now i leave it with retweets, but i would like to find the way to do it properly.

Thanks again.

I believe that something like exclude:retweets also exists in twitter API, perhaps you could try that?

same for exclude:replies if needed.