Twitter Help Special Characters - Accents - V2

Twitter Help Special Characters - Accents

What should I do to fix it? Unfortunately I do not know where to start.

The problem occurs when Detect Language is not marked.

Hi Laercio,

Same thing as before, I tried to reproduce it, but on our test CMS it is working - no matter if Detect language is on or off - or in what language whole CMS is.

It could be a difference in the default PHP character encoding (or similar).

Could please try to create demo CMS account with our hosting and then try to reproduce this issue?

If you will not be able to reproduce it then it’s probably a PHP/Server setup issue.


Hello Peter,
See the settings below.
I think that is the option to remove URL is generating the problem.

Well it is a little bit strange.
Basically I can’t break it (which also is strange) :slight_smile: - normally I would ask you to export your layout - but in this case it will not help - now I have exactly the same settings as you do + I did try it with many different settings and in all cases special characters are correctly displayed.

Which is actually still pointing towards some differences in the PHP/server issue - hard to say what exactly.

If you will have some spare time - then please as I suggested try to recreate this issue on demo CMS account with our hosting.

Hello Peter,

Charset which is using the cloud to Mysql and PHP?

Hi Laercio,

My apologies for the delay.
Character set that we use on the Cloud is UTF8.

Hi Laercio - what makes you say that the remove URL’s option is causing the problem?

When that option is ticked we run the following PHP on the contents of the tweet text:

$tweetText = preg_replace("((https?|ftp|gopher|telnet|file|notes|ms-help):((\/\/)|(\\\\))+[\w\d:#\@%\/;$()~_?\+-=\\\.&]*)", '', $tweetText);

Do you get the problem when your CMS is in en_GB?