Twitter Feed is not showing Recent


I would like to show our school twitter feed on XIBO.

The twitter provider is enabled. I’ve over rode the template to show:


The Search Term is set to: from:GilesBrookSch

Count is: 15

15 Tweets are being shown but they are the most recent tweets, it doesn’t seem to refresh to show the latest.

The Type is set to recent…

Any ideas why it isn’t refreshing to show all the latest tweets from GilesBrookSCH

thank you


It should actually work quite good, I just tested it just in case.

So when you look at this twitter feed
there is bunch of retweets at first and then tweets directly from that account.
In theory if there is no “include:retweets” in search term, it shouldn’t include them but that doesn’t work quite good.

I have very similar configuration as you do
from:GilesBrookSCH in search term
one difference is that I did set an effect (but it does not affect what items are returned)

It did display the tweets from this account (unfortunately including retweets), in order as they appear when you visit your twitter page. (retweets and then tweet about newsletter and so on).

When you edit your twitter item in Xibo, then on the advanced tab there is “Update Interval” which you can adjust. (60min by default)

Peter and others,

I have enabled twitter and put in the search term:

into the twitter widget. But it is not returning anything. If I do a generic search for ‘education’ it works and brings back a feed but not if it is a user’s twitter feed (such as our school of Vardys Road).

Any thoughts please?