TVs shutting down every morning

Hello there,

We have a setup where a pc is driving two TVs. The TVs are two LG HD 55" and they have a schedule (in the TV) programmed to start at 7 AM and shut down at 5 PM. This is working fine.

The pc is running W7 32 bits with Xibo 1.7.6. Its video card is a Catalyst 75xx HD. The pc is running 24/7.

The pc is driving the TVs with a DVI to HDMI adaptor and then the signal is doubled in two with a 1 to 2 HDMI repeater.

The problem is that every morning around 10 AM the TVs are shutting down for no reason and so far we have isolated the problem to the xibo client. Here are the tests we’ve done so far:

We’ve monitored the power outlet to make sure there is no spike or lost of power. Everything is ok on that side.
We’ve even tried big inductive load on the same circuit to try to induce the shutting down of the TVs with no success. … :wink:

We’ve bypassed the 1 to 2 HDMI splitter and connected only one TV to the pc/xibo. The other TV were connected to a Chromecast/wifi displaying random photo. Only the TV connected to the pc/xibo did shutdown.

We’ve replaced the chromecast/wifi with another pc: a portable with a direct HDMI and the xibo client freshly installed so both TV where displaying the same thing but from different pc. They both shutted down at the same time!!! :confused:

Any of you have any idea?

Thank you very much for any helps and have a nice day!


That seems rather odd.

Regarding your Xibo angle, what CMS and players versions are you using please?
Was there anything specific displayed on that time? Are there any information about it in CMS logs? (you will probably need to enable debugging on Report fault page if you haven’t already).
Anything on the players status windows?

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay, I’m off for a while. To answer your questions the version is 1.7.6. We have a small campaign without anything fancy running and the shutdown happens whatever is displayed. The same campaign is running all day long and, like I said, it only shutdown the TV around 10 in the morning.

I’m not familiar with the logs and debugging option but will sure look at it at my return.

What is strange is that I’ve tried another PC, a lenovo laptop, and both TV turned down at the same time (one on the original pc and the other on the laptop). And like I said, whatever other source for the TV that I’ve tried don’t turn the TVs off.

Thank your for your help!