TV Tuner Windows Client

Is it possible to use a TV tuner card on Windows client to display live TV feed?

It will be difficult to do with windows. because there is no direct solution to get it in the software. but with webos you can do that. When you give the broadcast as display input for webos, you can take it in and use it as you want.
You have to try to do this in windows. As a suggestion, you can get the broadcast to an ip address or file with vlc. You can also try to shoot the publication with local file or html from the design.
You have to try and solve it.

Thank you. Unless WebOS can be installed on non-TV hardware this isn’t a solution.

We have some OneLAN units with TV tuner in them, I’m trying to find a way to replace these with Xibo.

The TV’s don’t have WebOS on them and replacing the TV’s isn’t an option.

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