Try to play a weekly changed videofile

Good Morning,
first of all: Sorry for my bad english…

I installed a minix-Android-Device in a little restaurant. The owner want to play ONE wmv-Videofile, which should be changed weekly by transferring it via ftp-client into the mediapath of the xibo-Server.

Now the Mediapath of the Server contains the new videofile, but the android-client does not notice, that there is a new content to download. Means - it plays the “old” video that is in its local mediapath.

How can i change the video without using the xibo-server-web-gui and without manipulating the androidclient.

Thank You!


First I have to say that manually updating files in the CMS library will break the application.
You could have a look at the API (in beta) to update the file in Xibo.