Trouble with GIF files

I am currently trying to add an animated background to a layout. I made a simple gif file as a background in order to test ways in which I can accomplish this. I have tried setting the GIF as the actual background and creating a region with a lower z index and scheduling just the gif. The gif is not played on the players. You can see the first frame of the gif, but it is just static. Any ideas on how I should go about creating animated backgrounds? Should I just use a video rather than a gif?


Edit: My CMS and player versions are both 1.8.2.

I don’t think it will work when set as a layout background.

It should animate the gif when it’s in a region though - I’ve tested that just now.

I’m happy to test it with your .gif as well, you can send to me over private message (upload it to dropbox/gdrive or similar service of your choice and share the download link with me).

Video in a region should also play fine.

Please be advised that windows client generally does not support overlapping regions / transparency, you would need to test it with your content to make sure it displays it as you want it to.

I cannot get the gif to play when scheduled in a region. Do you schedule it as an image or something else?

In region as an image yes.

As I said, I’m happy to try your gif, if you want to send it to me.

Okay. I just made a quick animated image in Photoshop to test it out so it’s just a blue and yellow gradient that moves. I will send it in a private message.

That exact same gif does not work for you on the windows player?

I’ll have a look at it tomorrow as I’m past my working hours today.

It does not play in a region when scheduled as an image.