Trouble installing CMS 1.7.7 on Server 2012 R2

Environment: Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, PHP 7.0.5, CMS 1.7.7

I’ve followed the directions included titled “Install on Windows on IIS”. First ran into an issue where .Net 3.5 must be installed before PHP Manager for IIS. Then had to install a newer PHP version than in the directions to be compatible with PHP Manager. I’ve finally gotten to “Welcome to the Xibo Installation!” page. I’ve got two “X” statuses. MySQL database (PHP MySQL) and File System Permissions. I’ve given IIS_IUSR Full Control to the Xibo folder in wwwroot but no change. And I haven’t the foggiest idea how to enable MySQL in PHP.

I’ve also got an exclamation mark down next to Internationalization. But the other two are more important I’m assuming.

Thanks all.

Edit: I’ve also tried PHP version 5.5 and 5.6. Both just broke the whole darn operation. Accessing http:\localhost\xibo yelled at me with lots of errors. I can’t remember specifics.

Edit 2: I did have some errors when I first accessed the phpMyAdmin console. I’m not certain how I fixed them but there are no error messages appearing in the console at this time.

PHP7 isn’t supported yet with any released version of Xibo.

You need to get PHP 5.6 working first with your webserver before trying to install Xibo.



Per your suggestion, I’ve swapped in PHP 5.6. I couple of hiccups as I had to clean up the Handler Mappings. Still kept getting a 500.0 error message but hunted around until I found the resolution. I need the VS C++ 2012 x86 to be installed.

Now when I check the prereq page I am down to an “X” next to File System Permissions and an “!” next to Internationalization. I’ve given Full Control to IIS_IUSRS on wwwroot and everything underneath. No change.

Where should I go from here?


In reading related topics on the File System Permissions I kept seeing IUSR needing Full Control given. When I would go to the Security tab and check the permission IIS_IUSR had been given Full Control by me. I made the ASSUMPTION that IUSR was a member of IIS_IUSRS. Not so much. I’ve now manually added IUSR to the permissions list and given it Full Control. I know have all Checkmarks except for Internationalization. But the important bit is that I now have a Next button!

Now lets see how far I can get it this time…