Trial ending but still have a ton of questions. Where to turn to?

Hello all.

My trial for the Android Player is ending and I still haven’t found solutions for my pending questions and therefore, my installation isn’t working according to our needs. The forum seems to be a slow and sluggish place where to ask questions. Is there any better or quicker way to solicit support?

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Hello, we do encourage community members to try and assist with any issues, with our support agents frequently monitoring topics and responding as and when they can.

With a Xibo for Android trial licence, you are more than welcome to ask questions relating to any installation or configuration issues you are experiencing with Xibo for Android via our helpdesk, but unfortunately a Xibo for Android Licence does not entitle you to support relating to a CMS that you host yourself, and so the community is the best place to ask those type of questions.

I have taken a look at your questions and liaised with our support team to hopefully provide you with the answers you need.

If you do have further questions, please do get in touch with us.

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