Transition efects

Hi guys,
I have been playing with 1.8.1 for a while now and i still cannot understand the functionality of the transitions.
I have both windows and android clients but none shows the transitions.
I have tried both FadeIn/FadeOut and Fly.
What is a proper transition time in milliseconds?

Any ideas what am i doing wrong?


Transitions are not supported on Windows clients, this is due to to the fact that the player is NET Windows Forms based and so transitions are impossible in that architecture.

I believe that our new cross-platform player (Windows/Linux) might support transitions, but can’t say more about it for now.

On Android client transitions should work fine - you can send me your layout (via pm) if you’d like us to test it on our local android devices.

That’s rather hard to estimate, it depends on how fast those transitions should be.
1000 milliseconds = 1s

Thanks Peter :slight_smile:
I will first try by increasing the time.