Transition / API


Is there any way to add transition on images via api. I’ve seen you can add it on widgets…

What i mean is images that are in a playlist, or maybe you can add transition when you drive “playlist library assign”

I’ve searched but i can’t find anything useful in the forum


Or… how can i see what widget id the image i added to the playlist gets?

When you use playlistLibraryAssign it will display widget id of your new added image
Alternatively you can get the widget id by calling get playlist/widget or get layouts with &embed=widgets

Then you can then use this call -!/widget/WidgetEditTransition
to add a transition to that image

one thing to note - the path in the documentation is wrong it should be
PUT /playlist/widget/transition/{type}/{widgetId}


Would I be able to modify any source code so it’s always the same transition of images? I did so in ver 1.7.
I change the pictures quite often and have many screens, always the same transition.
I run 1.8 Docker.

My plan is to make a simpel script in postman that let me assign my images to many playlist automatic.

But i need my transition :slight_smile:

Back to the question:

Is it possible to have a code sample of how I pick the widgetId that was made after my “playlist Assign” and save it in a variable?

With test in postman.