Total media delete

How do you totally remove media from xibo server

Go to the library, find the media item and delete it there.

It should give you the option to retire it (where it won’t be deleted but it won’t be shown in the library any longer). That’s useful for where you have layouts that use that media item and you don’t want to rework them now.

Or you can change the option to Unassign from all layouts. That will remove the media item from all layouts you have permission to edit. If at that point, it’s not assigned any longer, it will be completely deleted. If someone has used that media item in a layout that you don’t have permission to edit, it cannot be deleted.

If you delete items as a super admin then you can always unassign from all layouts.

Note that unassign from layouts will remove the media item from all the existing layouts - including those currently scheduled - and may cause a layout to become invalid - so you should always check once you’ve used that.