Too many connections

Hello, I’m fairly new to Xibo, last year a client asked me to set up 2 digital signages for his 2 shops, i used intel computer sticks for the hardware and installed on them Xibo, for the server i installed it on my WHM server, on a subdomain of my site.

Everything went find for a while, but since 1-2 months ago i started getting alerts that the xibo clients were making many long connections to my server (30+ simultaneous connection open for 30+ minutes)

checking Apache status I can see that they connect to: xmds.php?v=4 HTTP/1.1 and they stay open for a long long time

checking transfer logs i see that each day the 2 xibo clients download around 240mb of data from my server, but i haven’t changed what they show for a long time, at first i thought that it could have been for the RSS feeds that i make them show on the client’s (news feeds with images) but i don’t know if they are first downloaded on the server and then transferred to the clients or just downloaded from the clients directly (which seems the more realistic option)

Does anyone know what could be happening here?

Ticker resources are downloaded by the CMS, you’d need to have a rather big number of tickers and/or have them updated often for the tickers alone to consume over 200M bandwidth with just 2 players, it is possible though.

Could you tell us what CMS and player versions are you using please?

Perhaps what’s the collection interval set in the display profile assigned to your players and your Tickers update interval.

Server: 1.7.9
Clients: 1.7.9
Tickers update interval: 20min
there are 4 tickers (4 different rss news feeds, 2 for each shop showing local news for that provice)